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Factory Based Housing Construction

To support the Red Stag Groups’ understanding of enhanced timber solutions to support the construction sector, Red Stag Investments has developed a factory based construction company in Hamilton.

Northern Frame & Prefab Limited (NFPL) supplies frames, trusses, floor cassettes, wall panels and rafter systems to the construction and development sector.

NFPL also acts as a research and develop arm of the Red Stag Group to support product development for structural and engineered wood solutions in the construction and development sectors for the New Zealand market and beyond.

NFPL has partnered with Pryda/ITW Group to integrate state of the art Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and whole of house engineering software with a modern manufacturing facility to expand on traditional frame and truss production to now include complete cassette manufacturing, wall and roof panels and modular/transportable housing solutions.

NFPL acts as the solution provider to the groups other development companies, specialising in aesthetically pleasing and function designs that can be produced to a high quality in a more cost effective and timely manner.

NFPL is now embarking on expanding its solutions to higher rise apartment styled buildings to adapt to the changing unitary plans for higher denisty developments.

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A new tourism development hub in the heart of the Rotorua mountain biking district.

commercial & industrial

A highly consented precinct, five minutes south of the Rotorua CBD, in the heart of the wood processing capital.

Factory Based Housing Construction

Creating economical, high quality floor cassettes, wall panels, modules and transportable houses.

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Property development

Full spectrum of high, medium and affordable residential housing options, leveraging developing unitary plans.

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