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Mountain Biking & Cycling

Home of Cycling

In 2011 the Red Stag Group supported in underwriting the joint Waikato and Bay of Plenty bid to become the ‘Home of Cycling ’. This support helped enable the velodrome to be constructed in Cambridge and cement Rotorua’s Waipa Valley and associated Whakarewarewa forest as the ‘National Home of Mountain Biking’.

RSI is currently finalising the design for an iconic custom build Mountain Biking Centre that accommodated event management and community space, mountain biking promotion, hire and ancillary retail, and a café and bar area.

RSI is now refining the master plan for the centre to include permanent event space, offices and infrastructure for event management, while maintaining spacious grassed event areas for organisers, spectators and competitors.

The proposed design incorporates the groups wood first/wood is best philosophy to establish a beautiful, function structure that emerges from the ground and interfaces seamlessly with the forest back drop.

RSI is currently working with region council to refine the internal access and roading to include no less than 200 sealed car parks within the primary mountain biking precinct (excluding road based car parking).

National Cycle Way – Te Ara Ahi

RSI is an active supporter of the National Cycle Way as it progresses south out of Rotorua on the way to Taupo.  RSI has supported the construction of a custom built cycle bridge that connects the path way from the Hemo Gorge to the Waipa Valley, providing users with both access to the forest, and safe off road access prior to connecting with the southern arterial cycle way.

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Tourism & Recreation

Spa Complex

RSI is currently working with potential tenants to establish a new spa complex in the Waipa Valley, set with a backdrop to the Whakarewarewa forest and the Waipa Stream.

The complex proposes to utilise the benefit of the natural spring water to provide a tranquil and relaxing destination to decompress after a hard day mountain biking or participating in the numerous activities the Rotorua region has available.

Tourism Hub

RSI has a vision to create a unique tourism precinct in the Waipa Valley that expands on adventure tourism, from mountain biking, to tree top hire wires, to health and wellbeing.

RSI envisions a cluster of symbiotic tourism ventures that can provide patrons with a mix of outdoor and indoor experiences to ensure that guests can enjoy themselves throughout all seasons and weather conditions.

To further support the experience and gravitation effect of the tourism hub, RSI is looking to develop accommodation and service amenities that cater for adrenaline seekers and families alike.

RSI looks forward to discussing opportunities with prospective tourism ventures to target establishing more enterprises at the front of the Waipa Valley.


A new tourism development hub in the heart of the Rotorua mountain biking district.

commercial & industrial

A highly consented precinct, five minutes south of the Rotorua CBD, in the heart of the wood processing capital.

Factory Based Housing Construction

Creating economical, high quality floor cassettes, wall panels, modules and transportable houses.

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Property development

Full spectrum of high, medium and affordable residential housing options, leveraging developing unitary plans.

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