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RSI Philosophy

RSI owners and management understand the challenges of building businesses.

There are no layers of bureaucracy and RSI understands the importance of keeping investment lead times as short as is practicable. Where projects are offered by third parties, there is scrupulous protection of intellectual property and business opportunity. RSI will rapidly progress to the point of acceptance or decline while providing views on the project and alternate potential path ways.

The process of committing funding to each project is flexible and involves developing a clear understanding of the objectives and expectations of all the stakeholders and structuring a business model that fairly and realistically reflects and compensates the risks and rewards for each party.


A new tourism development hub in the heart of the Rotorua mountain biking district.

commercial & industrial

A highly consented precinct, five minutes south of the Rotorua CBD, in the heart of the wood processing capital.

Factory Based Housing Construction

Creating economical, high quality floor cassettes, wall panels, modules and transportable houses.

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Property development

Full spectrum of high, medium and affordable residential housing options, leveraging developing unitary plans.

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